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Post by Mr Retardo on Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:49 pm

Just to clear the air of all mystery and to make this is transparent as possible, I would like to announce that the new new engine is under development. I would like to use the rest of this post to highlight my goals in creating a new engine.

Firstly the networking had to be changed. The old engine used the TCP which limited what was possible to do, but not only that, the frame rate was capped at 60 FPS. The new engine uses UDP which while unreliable in the fact that packets may not arrive or may arrive out of order, I am willing to work around these elements to make the game run quicker. On the old engine the lowest possible ping achievable was 16 ms with no traffic, on the new engine I'm getting down to as low as 3 ms with no traffic..

The second most important thing in the new engine for me is to make it look better. This means a new interface with more intuitive design which provides the same or more information for less. This should improve overall performance for everyone. Currently I haven't implemented a proper interface so for now it may be a bit bare bones, but more is to come.

One of the most important things to me was using a programming language I could progress in. C++ is something new to me, I don't know it all to well, when something goes wrong I have to go to google to find the problem. With GML this wasn't a problem, when something goes wrong I know the language back to front and I was able to just fix it. So therefore I am no longer using C++ to make FCO, I am using the latest version of Gamemaker: Studio. This shouldn't impact the final product, it will be the same game but it will be made better as I know what I am doing. This also opens up the possibility of porting to other platforms with ease when we come to that bridge.

I want to thank everyone who is sticking around after all this time and I hope to get you all playing the game very soon.
Mr Retardo
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New Game On It's Way Empty Re: New Game On It's Way

Post by Ryuk on Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:33 am

You'll smash it man!
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