Character Template & Inventory Icon template

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Character Template & Inventory Icon template

Post by Tsunami on Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:18 am

When spriting please use this character template and try your best to stay within the style. If you get stuck on things to sprite you can always do re-makes of the previous FCO sprites, you can view all of them at ( This website will be a good tool for re creating the old FCO sprites, It has all the monsters as well as sprites of the character wearing each individual hat. Don't limit yourself to hats and weapons either, sprite some monsters and maybe do a bit of animating, be creative =)
Player Sprite:
Inventory Box:

*Each Inventory icon must fit within this template so please size accordingly.*
Who knows, If we like what we see from you maybe there will be a position open for you on the team. I'm excited to see what the community can produce, happy spriting!


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